The Tahoe National Forest is located northeast of Sacramento in the central Sierra Nevada mountains and extends from Lake Tahoe to north of the prominent Sierra Buttes. Each year nearly six million visitor days are spent enjoying the scenic variety and clean air of the high Sierra. These public lands are dedicated to the wise use and production of timber, water, grazing areas, wildlife and recreational opportunities. The Forest name, taken from the famed Lake Tahoe, is probably from a Washoe Indian word meaning “Big Water.” Elevations within the Forest vary from about 1,500 feet in the foothills to over 9,000 feet at the Sierra crest.

In 2013, the American Fire raged through the forest, burning 22,500 acres of trees. The current planting plan calls for the planting of at least 7,300 acres of the forest in order to restore wilderness habitats for the creatures who call this forest home.





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