dense forest with underbrush



Tornado / Pine Restoration

The Davy Crockett Ranger District is proposing to restore 200 acres within compartment 34, to increase forest health, maintain biodiversity, and restore the habitat of the Red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW), which is a Threatened and Endangered Species.  Restoration within the 2019 tornado path will involve planting containerized shortleaf pine in areas where pine regeneration is not occurring and within areas that favor shortleaf pine over other tree species.

Regenerating this location will also help with watershed restoration. This area was in a loblolly pine stand that had a recent regeneration cut, as well as site preparation for planting 62 acres of containerized longleaf pine seedlings.  Replanting the area with longleaf pine will help restore this area back to its historic Longleaf ecosystem, which also supports RCW Habitat.

The U.S. Forest Service manages approximately 675,000 acres of public land in Texas. This land is divided into four National Forests in east Texas and the Caddo-Lyndon B. Johnson National Grasslands in northeast Texas. These public lands are administered under multiple-use management to protect and obtain the greatest benefit from all forest resources: recreation, range, fish and wildlife, soil and water and minerals.

Tree Species

Shortleaf Pine 50%
Longleaf Pine 50%


Planting program information with usage permission provided by One Tree Planted


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