All trees planted in U.S. National Forests are planted through programs established by,
and under the supervision of, the U.S. Forest Service.


Why give trees as gifts and memorials?

Forest fires claim hundreds of thousands of acres of our nation’s woodlands every year. The U.S. Forest Service is too under-funded to react to these devastating events and cannot begin to restore these areas without your help. In your honoree’s name, you can participate in programs which will replant seedlings in scorched and damaged areas and kickstart nature’s own healing process and ensure that future generations will be able to fully enjoy of our nation’s wilderness areas. The time to plant is now!


We make your gift stand out.

We believe our gift package sets us above and apart from all others.
We make all our gift packages by hand and create a very elegant framed card you would be proud to display. We add in an additional personal note card, in its own little kraft paper envelope, for your special sentiments and then go the extra mile by including a small metal tree charm and mailing everything to your recipient in a rigid cardboard mailer. All materials are recycled and all that is standard whether you plant 1 tree or 100. We usually process and ship orders within 2 business days, and can often make custom card variations, if requested at the time of the order. We also make it easy to order additional keepsake charms or to have additional card packages sent to other recipients (like family members, etc.) It’s the extra effort and customer service which makes The Trees Remember the premier site for planting trees in our National Forests.


  • An elegant card stating how many memorial trees are being planted, where they are being planted, and the name of the Giver.
  • A separate, personal message card for you to express yourself however you wish.
  • A small pewter colored Eternity Memorial Tree charm on a waxed cord as a physical reminder of the gift.
  • A small card indicating the spirit in which this memorial gift was given, and the global impact it is meant to achieve.


The Cards:
Our cards are printed on recycled photographic paper, and feature the name of the Honoree, the Giver of the gift, the number of trees, and the National Forest where the trees will be planted.

The Frame:
All Acknowledgment Cards come in an elegant, embossed charcoal-colored recycled cardboard frame which is quite suitable for display

Tree Charm:
A small “Eternity Memorial Tree” charm on a waxed cord is included with the Acknowledgment Card, and is an elegant way of keeping memories of the honored close at hand.

Personalized Note:
A premium quality, embossed panel note, which comes in its own small kraft paper envelope, conveys whatever personalized message you would like to say to the gift’s recipient. This is one of the personal touches that distinguishes our service from others. Express your condolences, share a memorable verse or story, or just write what’s in your heart. These notes really mean a lot to those who receive them.

The Mailer:
All cards are mailed in rigid 100% recycled mailers, so they always arrive in pristine condition, even if the mailman is having a bad day.