Frequent Questions

The main reason we exist is to generate interest in reforestation by making the giving of trees as gifts and memorials fast, simple, and most importantly, ELEGANT and PERSONALIZED.   Our Gift Acknowledgment Card package truly sets us apart.  We create framed cards suitable for display.  We include an elegant personal note, in its own envelope, which lets you express your own feelings to the gift recipient, in your own words.  It seems like a small detail, but it is a huge difference, as these cards make your gift truly a gift from the heart, and provide an opportunity for you to say what you alone truly feel.  Our card package also contains a small tree charm, a physical reminder of your gift, and it arrives in a rigid mailer, not a flimsy envelope, so the condition of your gift is assured, even if the mail man is having a bad day. There are other reasons as well, but simply put, we add physical and emotional value to the giving and receiving experience which is unavailable from anybody else.

For the most part, the US Forest Service or  a State Forest agency will identify the area where they would like to have funds used for reforestation.  When they contract with a conservation group to raise funds for these identified projects, we will work through these groups in an unaffiliated manner to direct monies to these projects.

All trees will be planted on public land, in a national or state forest, in an area where the US Forest Service deems it most beneficial to plant.  While it is only natural to want to have a “local” planting, quite frankly, there are places on  the planet which need new growth far, far more than others.  We believe it is a more generous gift to plant trees in these ravaged areas, rather than where it is simply “convenient”.  We encourage our  customers to take this long  view when giving their gifts, and trust the planting teams to plant their trees where they will do the most good.

Our business model is that of working with reputable conservation groups who have partnered with the U.S. Forest Service and existing planting programs in place within the United States National Forest System, or who have programs for tree recovery in areas hit hard by massive fires or “super storms”.  We have trees planted through them, so we can only offer locations that are currently being planted.  We tell you not only which state the program is in, but which forest (when available), and why the replanting is so desperately needed.  Other companies may say they plant in each state, but they don’t tell you where or why.  We prefer to offer fewer options and give you more information about them. We are constantly looking for more locations to plant in but will only offer options which can be verified and which do the most good for the environment.

The non-profit groups who do the planting, do not have the time or resources to track each tree they plant.  More to the point, these programs are designed to plant trees in areas where human traffic is sparse, so they have a better  chance to take root and prosper, yielding a greater benefit to us all.  An identification program would sap precious resources (time and money) needed for planting the trees themselves.

Absolutely.  It is quite common.  See our Pet Loss Trees page.

The US Forest Service contracts to have the trees planted in areas where they designate.  Planting times and locations are entirely up to them, according to need and their own particular contractual obligations with the US Forest Service.  Due to weather, planting season, labor supply, and/or other factors, some trees in National Forests may be bought in bulk, and may even have already been planted in anticipation of future orders.  Planting is normally done in the Spring or Fall.

The species of tree planted varies and is specific to each planting program. In every case, the species will be one which was indigenous to the region being replanted. In other words, if an area of woodlands was destroyed by fire, the same type of trees which were there before the fire will be replanted after the fire. The trees being planted are seedlings, not just seeds.

We try very hard to have a turnaround time of 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday), with most cards being created and mailed out usually the very next business day.  In some instances where we detect conflicting or erroneous information on an order form, we will take the time to contact the purchaser for clarification.  This sometimes adds to the turnaround time, but is worth any small delay in order to make certain the gift goes out exactly as our customers intend.

No.  The Trees Remember is not a non-profit organization and customers using this service are making purchases, not donations.

The Trees Remember has trees planted through programs established by very experienced and reputable conservation groups who have planted literally millions of trees in the last decade.  Currently, we utilize programs jointly established by American Forests,  The Arbor Day Foundation, the U.S. Forest Service and/or various state agencies.  We are official corporate partners with both of these non-profit organizations.

Please review some of our latest accomplishments within U.S. National Forests for the 2017 planting year at