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We are honored to be a part of numerous companies’ ongoing condolence programs, whereby trees are planted as an expression of emotional support for employees, employees’ families, clients and customers who are dealing with difficult and emotional times.  Companies taking advantage of this unique program range from the very large to the very small.  For funeral homes, hospices facilities, hospitals, and even animal hospitals and veterinarians, and all those who deal with the passing of lives on a daily basis, we extend the advantage of simplified “aggregate” ordering and discounted pricing for orders in bulk.  Memorial trees are ordered monthly, with the gift acknowledgment card packages sent to the surviving family of those who have passed after receiving end of life care from our customers.  From the feedback we receive daily, people view the giving of trees as an elegant and symbolic way to commemorate loved ones and the lives they have led.  This gift is spiritual without being religious, and the prospect of creating such a living legacy – which provides universal benefits in this world as well – is consistently very well received.

The standard discount for a program like this with The Trees Remember is 20%.  Our customers send us a spreadsheet at the end of the month with the names of the departed and the corresponding intended recipients of the gift (along with their mailing address) and after all the orders have been processed and shipped we either send an invoice for the amount due or charge a credit account which we would keep on record.  It is as simple as that.  Having trees planted to honor a life is a beautiful expression of the caregiver’s sentiment, and goes above and beyond the predictability of traditional flowers or other “temporary” gifts.  We can customize both the framed card and/or included personal notecard so that you can tailor your message exactly how you’d like.


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