Planting Trees in New Brunswick

forest scene in Nazko, BC

TCH Killam Recreational Trails


This site was logged by the soon-to-be-former owner, in approximately 2014. There is some good regen on the site now, including spruce, birch, and [unfortunately] balsam fir. However, there is room for some in-fill planting to ensure that the stand eventually grows to be fully stocked.

On a site such as this, we would normal target approximately 2470 stems/Ha (1000 stems/acre). However, thanks to the existing regen, we can get away with a much lower density, slightly less than a third of the normal full target. We will be targeting only 780 stems/Ha rather than 2470. The goal is to plant eastern white pine as the in-fill species, as the site does not have any significant presence of that species at the moment. In an ideal world we might also be able to mix in a few other species which are not currently present on the site, but based on our recent challenges with deciduous seedlings, compounded by the plan to do this as a spring plant, we will currently assume that we might only be able to source eastern white pine. This species is an excellent choice both for expected survival despite climate change, and also for basic carbon sequestration.


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