Planting Trees in Idaho

mountain forest and meadow in Panhandle National Forest in Idaho

Panhandle National Forest


In 2015, the Breezy Fire swept through Idaho’s Panhandle National Forest. Recovery efforts have been ongoing for the past six years — with just one final planting left to successfully wrap up the effort.

This year’s planting is focused not just on fire recovery, but also species diversification. White pine blister rust has killed large swaths of the forest’s mature white pine stands since the early 1900s. This disease spread — along with decades of fire suppression — has filled the forest with species that are either fire-intolerant, more susceptible to insect and disease, or both.

A mix of six different types of conifers will be planted to improve the forest’s resilience, making it more prepared for future challenges. The restoration work will benefit the bears, moose, elk, wolves, and deer that rely on this habitat. It will also greatly improve watershed health and fight the negative effects of climate change.


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