Planting Trees in California

Dixie Fire Restoration

The Dixie Fire ripped through Northern California for three seemingly endless months in 2021. Raging from July to October, this was the second-largest wildfire in the state’s history, with a burn scar of more than 963,000 acres.

On their own, forests devastated by wildfires can take generations to return to their former glory—if they recover at all. Because of this, urgent and intentional reforestation efforts are critical in the wake of this blaze. This project focuses efforts on the health of the Lassen National Forest. The fire devastated the vast evergreen forest, home to hundreds of wildlife species and vital to the health of the landscape and the biology of nearby Lake Almanor.

Newly planted trees in this area will begin to reestablish habitats disrupted by the fire including homes of cougars, chipmunks, black bears, and long-toed salamanders. As the trees take root and grow into mature stands, roots systems will prevent erosion while improving the water quality in Lake Almanor.

The important work of this project will begin to restore this scorched earth to its native conifer-covered state and continue the cycle of sustainable forest management.


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